Sophisticated skills and simple dedication

With a discretionary mandate, we work closely with you to define your investment goals, and then actively manage your portfolio, making the day-to-day investment decisions in accordance with your objective and risk profile.

You benefit to the full from our asset managers’ experience and technical prowess while being free to devote yourself to other occupations.

The care and nurturing of your wealth

Hight-net-worth individuals do not always want to deal directly with a large bank. Managing their wealth is how our company began. Since our chief executive, Ayka Akin, created Gyra in 2011 we have been providing outstanding portfolio management and advisory services. We understand the importance of protecting and growing your assets so that they can be passed on to the next generation

Our independence ensures that we can provide unbiased investment advice tailored to your needs.
It also keeps us flexible and agile, qualities that work in your favour in changing market conditions. We offer a full spectrum of services, extending from opening bank accounts to organising and coordinating your assets and managing every aspect of your financial planning.
As you might expect, we work only with Switzerland’s most prestigious custodian banks: those that share our desire to bring you peace of mind.



Advisory Services

Tailor-made investment proposals.

Investment Solutions

Actively managed certificates

Our Board

They are the guardians of our values and our client’s interests.